Have your friends cheer you on!
The captain of your team will send you the link to your personal fundraising page which you should share with all of your contacts through email and social media so that they can easily donate online to support this great cause.
Here’s a sample email you could use:
I'm excited to play in the 2018 JEC Annual Hockey Tournament on March 25th, 2018.
The Jewish Eldercare Centre is an accredited, award-winning long-term care facility and the 2nd largest long-term care establishment in Quebec. Eldercare provides comprehensive and compassionate care to 320 members of our community, living with a loss of their physical or cognitive autonomy, in our safe and home-like environment and according to Jewish traditions and values. Eldercare needs to raise funds to refurbish 160 residents’ rooms.
Please support me in raising money for this great cause. Just go to my personal fundraising page at jechockeytournament.com (enter your personal fundraising page) and you too, can support our grandparents, mothers and fathers who deserve to live in a safe and loving home.
A tax receipt will be sent in the mail. Many thanks and wish me luck!